Adding Glamor to the Sport with Polo Girls

by | Jul 10, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

Polo is a sport for everyone and polo girls are just an extension of the love for polo.  Even in the old days, it could never be said that polo was a sport only for boys.  A lot of girls have indulged in and enjoyed the sport of polo for a long time and still do.  In order to complement these polo girls, a range of polo apparel and accessories are specially designed.  As you can imagine, there is no difference in in the basic things that girls require for polo.  The only difference is in the make and fit of the clothes and accessories designed for girls.

Apparel for Polo Girls

There is a comprehensive range of cloths and apparel for the polo girls that includes specially designed shirts, jackets and skirts.  You can even find specially designed trousers and caps that complement the spirited personality of Polo Girls.  You can find everything from sleeveless to short sleeve shirts, full sleeve shirts, jackets and hoodies as well as polo girl caps.  Apparel designed for polo girls is made from very high quality fabric that is comfortable and cool.  This is extremely important as the aggressive sport of polo can’t really make you sweat and hot.  The fabric being used to make apparel must be breathable so that air can flow through and help you beat the heat. The fabric must be extremely soft to avoid chafing as the female skin is really soft and can be damaged due to chafing easily if the fabrics aren’t cool enough.

Accessories for Polo Girls

Polo girls require accessories like polo boots, mallets and a protective helmet. In addition to these very basic essentials, polo guests also require other polo accessories like spurs, bridles, saddles, knee pads etc. If you are looking for these accessories, you may have to search for some specialty stores as not all Polo Stores will keep accessories are specially made for polo girls.  Boots for polo girls are obviously a little more slender than those for the boys, mallets for polo girls are usually slightly lighter than the ordinary mallets for boys.

Finding the right mallet can be a sort of a challenge as some dealers who made these mallets lighter by making them thinner. This is in the right approach as that weakens the mallet affecting its ability to hit far as well as causing it to break soon.  The right mallet for polo guests is made of wood which is of a slightly your density and naturally light yet hard enough.  Always make sure you buy your polo accessories especially mallets from a dealer whom you can trust and who has a dedicated chain of accessories for polo girls.

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