Spice Up Your Party Using Bowling Awards

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Recreation and Sports

Bowling is one of the most awesome group fun activities around. It is no wonder that the United States Bowling Conference (USBC) reckons this is the number one participation sport in America. If you have a forthcoming event it is time to think of bowling and bowling awards to boot to make your event a delight.

At Bowling Delights we offer you not only the widest range of awards but also creative ideas on making your party awesome.

Why Think of a Bowling Party?

Let’s say you are organizing a graduation party or home coming for a loved one. There of course many party themes you can pick on but a bowling evening with unique bowling awards gives an edge to your event. Here is a brief overview of the benefits;

  • Standout; most of the traditional party ideas are now out of vogue or just too common. If you really want to surprise your loved one with a magnificent gift, a bowling party is a refreshing idea that will remain etched in the minds of your guests.
  • No restrain; a party is made or broken by the interactions going within. If people cannot intermingle freely and joke while at it, your party is dead. At a bowling alley everyone is in a jovial spirit mirthfully angling for a bowling award and your party will rock.
  • Create indelible memories; the creative awards you give afterwards will surely be souvenirs for your guests. The bowling gifts you hand out will help to retain the memories of your exciting event and this is exactly how a good party should be remembered.
  • Everyone is invited; from kids to your old folks everyone is free to attend and this all-inclusive nature makes it ideal for any event from kid birthday parties to corporate events.

A bowling party is easy to organize as your local alley can easily be booked for such an event. If you are taken by this novel idea you have to select innovative awards to complement the fun.

You should be make winning categories interesting by moving away from ordinary bowling conventions. Here are some bowling awards ideas that we think will captivate you from our wide range of supplies;


  • Trophies; everyone loves a trophy and a design can be chosen to fit your party’s theme. They come in glass, wood, resin, metal among other materials. The colors are also myriad and you can easily choose what fits your party.
  • Bowling medals and pins; medals are a traditional bowling gift which everyone can easily relate to. You can get creative regarding colors to suit your event. Pins are also popular as souvenirs and they come in varying designs.
  • Plaques; this is another all-time favorite bowling gift and you can never go wrong with glass or wooden engraved plaques.

Mugs and bowling apparel can also be customized into a bowling award gift. In short there are multiple other ideas to choose from when you visit Bowling Delight. Now come and transform your ordinary gig into the party of a lifetime by choosing from our large offering at bowlingdelights.com

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