Choose the Latest in Dye Sublimation BJJ Patches

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Recreation and Sports

Brazilian jiu jitsu patches are a way to showcase your personality and your accomplishments in the gym. When you order your patches, you have many options for the way in which the patch is made. One of the latest options is to choose dye sublimation BJJ patches. This newer method of printing patches creates the highest quality images for your gi patches.

Access to More than 256 Colors

Sometimes you only need one or two colors on your jiu jitsu patch because of the design you chose. However, with more than 256 colors in the spectrum, you may wish to create something that includes a larger number of colors. In these situations, dye sublimation can be one of your best options because it is fast and easy. Instead of creating a separate screen for each color, your provider will print your entire patch in one run through.

Great for Bulk Orders

Because of the way dye sublimation BJJ patches are created, you can benefit greatly from choosing this option if you are ordering a larger number of the same patch to give out to the other members of your team or those who train at the same gym. Instead of having to run each patch through multiple processes, they can all be run through the process one after the other.

A Lightweight Option

When you are adding BJJ patches to your gi, you don’t want to weigh it down with a large number of embroidered patches. This can create issues when you are trying to perform. Choosing dye sublimation allows you to add more patches to your gi without adding a lot of weight. The dye can be placed on thinner fabric, creating a lightweight patch that is more flexible than many of the other options available.

Adding patches to your gi is a great way to express yourself and showcase your accomplishments in the gym. Dye sublimation BJJ patches are one of the newest options for creating the custom patches you want. This method of printing your BJJ patches is one of the most preferred methods because it is an easy process that allows the use of up to 256 different colors, all on one patch. It is also great for bulk orders and adding more patches that are lightweight and flexible for the best performance.

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