Lacrosse Clothing – Gear To Keep You Safe When Playing

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

Lacrosse is one of the oldest games in America and is still a popular sport today and to prevent getting hurt when playing the game, the appropriate lacrosse clothing must be worn. Lacrosse clothing can be purchased from online retailers or from high street stores. Wherever you choose to get your equipment from, you must be sure that it is crafted to a high standard. Some essential pieces of lacrosse clothing will provide comfort, ventilation, protection and maneuverability, so that you can increase your chances of scoring a goal for your team.

Lacrosse Clothing – Helmet & Face Mask

Aside from the general pieces of lacrosse clothing like shorts, socks, shoes and jerseys, you will need protective gear. Because lacrosse enables players to make full contact with opponents, there is a chance that serious injuries can take place. Therefore to minimize the risk of injury and to enhance performance, lacrosse clothing to shield the face must be purchased. A helmet will stop neck and head pain and this is a necessary requirement. Combine a helmet with a face mask and you have added protection. This piece of lacrosse clothing will be made from a dexterous material and will cover the face, while still allowing for a wide field of vision.

Lacrosse Clothing – Chin Strap & Mouth Guard

Once you have bought lacrosse clothing like the helmet and face mask, you will need to consider a chin strap. The chin strap will be secured onto the helmet and will stop other pieces of lacrosse clothing from coming off, such as the helmet. Certain forces and plenty of movement may cause the helmet to come loose, which is very dangerous. Therefore a chin strap will be absolutely essential. Furthermore, purchase a mouth guard before playing a game. A mouth guard is an effective piece of lacrosse clothing that will stop any affliction on the teeth, gums, lips and arches.

Lacrosse Clothing – Shoulder Pads & Gloves

Even if you have a sturdy build, you will need to invest in lacrosse clothing like shoulder pads and gloves. Shoulder pads are crafted with materials that absorb shocks. Therefore if you collide with another player, this lacrosse clothing will stop shoulder blade and back injuries from occurring. The hands will be used a lot during a game of lacrosse and you need to shelter these from scratches and damages by wearing gloves. Gloves for men will be different to gloves for women, so make sure you shop around. Find this lacrosse clothing with increased protection from weather and force but make sure it does not restrict hand movements.

Gel gloves are a good kind of lacrosse clothing for comfort, while mesh gloves will be useful for gripping the lacrosse stick. To buy a new stick, clothing or other forms of equipment for a lacrosse game, visit


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