It’s a Pirate Ship and Space Ship

by | Jul 20, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

The play system at the park is perhaps one of the best childhood spots. It provided an actual structural system that you could transform into anything you wanted it to be. Each part of the system became incorporated into your play as part of structure you had made it. Also, the different parts of the play system allowed for more realistic adventures, as you played at the park.

These adventures constitute an important part of most kids lives. The play system of slides, stairs, monkey rings, fire poles and swings, turns into a castle with a moat, that can only be crossed by swinging across the bridge and the dragon has the princess caught in a thing that goes back and forth. If the play system is a pirate ship, the slide is traditionally the plank and the pole is just a quick way to get down when raiding. A lot of play systems have a ships wheel on it, anticipating that the system is going to be converted into a pirate ship. Because of the pole on the play system, they have also been transformed into fire stations, where you play putting out the flames consuming the swing set, the seesaw and all the other parts of the system. Then, the play system can be a spaceship, a specific one from a science fiction show, a real one, or one that you imagined. The most common adventures kids play involving spaceships are ones based on science fiction purely because they include a little more in the way of action although not necessarily adventure. The slides on the play system, along with the straight pole and the twirly one, turn into jettison pods or quick get-aways, while the monkey bars are useful for quick repairs on the hull of the ship. Another thing the play system could be is a jungle. The various things to clamber over, make perfect trees and the name monkey bars is readily suggest the idea to a child playing. The balancing bars in some play systems are fantastic for pretending it is a fallen log over crocodile infested waters. In the same vein, a play structure could also be a mountain.

Kids very quickly turn play systems into magnificent landscapes or a different structure. These things can include, but are by no means limited to a pirate ship, a jungle and a fire station. There are many things a child at play can imagine play structure is.

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