Helping Girl Lacrosse Players Set Goals and Reach High Levels of Success

Girls’ lacrosse has become extremely popular. Both players and fans enjoy the high pace and action packed athleticism that girls lacrosse in Albany, NY, provides. Coaches, parents, and athletes all want lacrosse players to play their best. Part of this includes helping lacrosse players have a plan. Plans lead to goals. Goals lead to improved performance on and off the field.

Lacrosse players need to do more than simply identify what their goal is. They need to spend time developing the plan that they will follow to achieve said goal. An athlete who does not have a clear plan for achieving their goals is not really setting a goal. They are just dreaming.

An athlete might want to be in the starting lineup for their team. However, does the athlete know what they need to do in order to make that dream a reality? If you were to talk to girls lacrosse in Albany, NY, players and ask them what they needed to do to be a starter, could they lay out to you the steps that they would need to follow?

Most young athletes do not know what they need to do. However, with training and with guidance, they could figure it out. A lacrosse player may need to practice and improve certain types of shots. They may simply need to show more initiative by getting to practice on time. The goal is to help the players create a roadmap to success.

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