Have More Fun with Floating Water Toys for These 3 Family Activities

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Sports

Spending time in the water is a favorite family activity that brings you closer together. Now you can have even more fun by adding floating water toys. Here are the three best activities for water toys.

Pool Parties
Transform your next pool party into an extravaganza of fun with water toys. Lounges are designed with seating for two or more people, and some have central tables for drinks and games. You can even add a floating slide to the party. Floating toys are great for children and adult parties.

If your family is into boating, a towable tube takes the fun to another level. You can find tubes for a solo rider or up to 10 people. The tubes are designed with safety and fun in mind. Simply secure the rope to your boat and let the fun begin. Riders can be side-by-side, grouped, or in a line, and the tubes even have cup holders.

Trips to the River
River tubing is a relaxing family activity when you can enjoy the scenery. Floating toys for river tubing include full loungers with backrests, traditional round tubes, group party tubes, mats, connected walkways, and trampoline tubes. You can find tubes for up to ten people for a real party.

Where to Find Floating Water Toys for Your Next Adventure
WOW Sports LLC specializes in unique water toys for every environment, from your backyard to the favorite family lake. Call them today to learn more about their products. You can also visit their website at www.wowwatersports.com.

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