Equipment Worn by Soccer Goalies in Practice and Games

The goalkeeper, or goalie, in a soccer game is the only person who is allowed to use their hands without it warranting a penalty. The goalie has a different uniform than the other players on the field for two reasons. The first is so they stand out to officials and players. The second is to avoid injuries. Because of this, soccer goalie training equipment and the uniform they wear can be different from the rest of their team.

Uniform Requirements

In general, professional soccer players have a set uniform that they must wear as outlined by FIFA. All players, including goalies, must be wearing a shirt or jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks, and footwear. Underwear and undershirts are also allowed but must match the colors of the rest of the uniform.

Jerseys & Shorts

The goalkeeper for the team is required to wear a jersey with colors that are distinguishable and different from those worn by either team or the referees. The reason for this is so players and officials can locate the goalie at any time. Both goalies are allowed to wear the same color jerseys. As far as shorts go, there are many made specifically for goalkeepers. They are often a bit longer than the rest of the team’s and give more protection when blocking.


Goalies are allowed to wear gloves as soccer goalie training equipment and most choose to do so. This keeps the hands, wrists, and fingers protected from fast, hard shots which can reach nearly 100 mph. Some of these gloves have a latex palm, stitched fingers, and flexible grooves. Major retailers also offer gloves for child goalies that are typically inexpensive.

Protective Gear

Most of the FIFA rules are also followed by high school and college soccer teams but there are exceptions. For example, high school students must wear shin guards of a specific size and their shoes must be the right size for their age. Goalies are allowed to use equipment for protection that other players are not, due to the potential for injury. This means that face masks, headgear, arm pads, and knee pads are okay for goalkeepers to wear on the field.

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